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We are The Dapper Up

The name ‘Dapper Up’ signifies us as an ever-evolving brand, moving forward and upwards from ‘The Uomo Co’.

We are something new, something impactful and something better for you and our Mother Earth. We are advocating a way of menswear sartorialism through a new way of being! Hence our new mission to is to be a conscious, impact-driven yet inspired brand in the sector of revolutionary mindfulness.

We have turned 70 % sustainable not only in the products but in our message, our core values and the impact we as individuals and a company have on the environment by declaring ourselves as a slow fashion brand and darn proud of it!

We are thrilled to have always used natural fabrics from the very beginning of our journey, but have now dwelled into making something useful out of waste materials! We loved serving skillful styles to you as ‘The Uomo Co’. We plan on carrying that forward by serving you mindfulness through our styling and more with the ‘Dapper Up’. In a nutshell, the Dapper Up is a company with a purpose-driven message for sustainability in fashion as well as inspired styling for men!

So come on, let’s put some heart into it, shall we?

Founded By


After post graduating from IED Milan, Ria Kanal interned at Grazia and then at Harpers Bazaar India. She learned the ropes of fashion styling when she assisted celebrity stylist Ami Patel for over 2 years in styling Priyanka Chopra and others. Moving on, she was head of Public relations at The Label Life only to get more inspired to start her own business in the fascinating world of edited-down menswear.